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"Choosing a Pet Sitter" by the Humane Society
Healthy Pet Library: A selection of articles on behavior, health problems, nutrition and more
How to Choose a Vet
While You're Away: What to Do with Maggie and Puff
Useful Articles on Pet Care and Behavior

Pet Recipes

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It's a Dog's Life Daily Biscuits
Cat Attack Cookies (a special occassion treat for cats)
Vitamin Rich Meal for Felines
Microwave Doggy Donuts
Barkin' Barley Brownies
Mini Cakes for Cats and Dogs
Chocolate Carob Puppy Cookies
Kitty Kisses
Apple Cinnamon Training Bits
Turkey Rolls a la Pug


Pet Freebies
Pet Goodies
Fun Stuff: Games, puzzles, software and more
Animal News: Latest headlines from Animal News Center
Pet Links
Fun Stuff for Pet Lovers
Austin Pug Club
Lago Vista Paws

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