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Until recently, pet owners had few choices for the care of their pets while they were away. Now, however, many pet owners are recognizing the benefits of leaving their furry, feathered and finned family members in the comfort of their own home rather than boarding them. Kennels can be a scary place for your companion animals, where they are often left in cages and can be exposed to diseases and parasites - not to mention stress and loneliness. An in-home pet provides a safe and pleasurable experience for your cherished pet. And best of all, you get to see your beloved companion the minute you return and don't have to wait until the kennel opens!

People who are concerned about their pets - as well as the safety of their property - can turn to BoneStar Pet Services, a privately owned company providing experienced, loving care for their pets. BoneStar offers a full range of services to cats, dogs, birds, fish and small animals at competitive rates.

Pet Sitting Visits
Our in-home pet sitting service cares for your pet(s) in the comfort of your own home while you are away. Services include feeding, fresh water, exercising, play, litter box cleanup, administering medication if needed, and minor grooming such as brushing. We’ll also water your plants, take in your mail and newspaper, rotate your lights and drapes, take your garbage to and from the curb and do all the things you’d like to make your home appear occupied while you’re gone. You’ll receive a daily diary of your pet’s activities as well as digital photos of all the cute things they do. We’ll even contact you via email and leave you daily voicemail if you desire.

Overnight Pet Sitting
Our overnight pet sitting visits include all the services offered in our regular pet sitting visits, only we spend the hours of 8pm to 7am in your home with your pet. We can also include a mid-day visit so your pet receives additional attention and care.

In Home Day Care
Does you pet need a companion for a few hours a day? Is he or she recovering from surgery or an illness that requires attention during the day? BoneStar will come to your home and provide your pet with the attention and care they need when you can’t be there.

Dog Walking
Do you have an active dog or one that requires multiple walks per day? Let BoneStar take him or her for a half hour mid-day walk. We’ll also make sure the water bowl is full, indulge your dog with lots of attention and give him or her treats or food if you’d like. Perfect for the professional who works long hours, you’ll come home to an exercised and contented pooch!

Weekday Pit Stop
Ideal for kennel training, housebreaking puppies and geriatric dogs who need a mid-day break, we’ll come to your home to let your pet out for a 15 minute supervised “pit stop” where they can attend to their business in the yard or on a brief walk.

Pet Taxi
Your veterinarian and groomer probably keep the same business hours you do. This can make scheduling an appointment difficult. BoneStar will safely transport your cherished companion to and from their appointment so you don’t have to take time out of your busy workday.

Premium Pet Food Delivery
We understand how challenging it can be to pick up the special food your pet needs — and lugging those heavy bags and cans isn’t much fun unless your last name is Schwarzenegger! Let BoneStar do your pet’s grocery shopping and deliver his or her favorite food and treats right to your home.

Doggy Day Trips
Does your pet like to go to the dog park, lake, training sessions or take other adventures? Do you find yourself not having the time to take him or her as often as you’d like? BoneStar will indulge your pet with its favorite activities and lavish lots of love and attention as well.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your pet. Click here to contact us and schedule a free initial consultation!
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